Apifonica- voice and messaging services

Apifonica supplies communications APIs for embedding VoIP voice calls and SMS or text messaging into applications programs. It is a platform for superior customer communication. Apifonica is a single cloud-based platform for phone calls, SMS, Facebook, telegram, Whatsapp, and Viber. Apifonica stipulates a set of public APIs for SMS and voice features into software programs. Connected directly to 120 carrier networks in 46 nations, Apifonica allows reaching virtually every individual and thing worldwide. Apifonica helps firms engage and retain customers with text and voice messages delivered to the correct channels.

Apifonica is a cloud-based communication platform that allows businesses to contact customers around the globe via voice, bulk SMS service, Whatsapp, Facebook, and Telegram messengers, in almost any combination. Apifonica gives a fantastic view and text communication platform dissolved into essential components available via API. Apifonica qualifies for a free, no strings attached thirty-minute PR consultation with one of our experts. Build exceptional customer communication with voice, SMS, and social messaging abilities available through a single API.

The Apifonica voice SMS messaging API allows developers to integrate SMS sending, receiving, processing, and tracking features. It’s accessible with a token as the authentication method and JSON format for callbacks. With the API, users can benefit from global reach, Unicode characters, two-day SMS, shipping status notification in real time, and SMS concatenation. Apifonica performs its magic in the cloud, following the command sent by your applications through the API. The API layout is intuitive and simple and making it easy for the R&D team to get started with the execution.

Apifonica supplies you with the stage of connection through processes like voice, SMS, Facebook, Whatsapp, messenger, and telegram. The Apifonica API SMS Surveys will let your company to get a crystal clear picture regarding the wants of your clients by conducting surveys. Protect your investment by weaving new communication features into your existing tech lawsuit. All Apifonica capabilities are available from the cloud via API and are easy to integrate with any third party program.

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